Money Raised

Where does the money raised go ?

A memorandum of understanding exists between the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Victoria and the Shepparton’s Biggest Ever Blokes Lunch Committee under which Goulburn Valley Health employs a dedicated specialist prostate cancer nurse.

We are proud to say that we have recently extended our agreement to run through until the end of 2020

Dale Fraser, the CEO of Goulburn Valley Health says that;

“GVH is delighted to be associated with Shepparton’s Biggest Ever Blokes Lunch, and remains committed to the vision that Chris McPherson created. I remain absolutely convinced about the need for the role and the impact that Sonia/the role is having on men and their families in the local community”.

A message from Prostate Cancer Nurse Sonia Strachan:

A prostate cancer diagnosis can cause men and their families much anxiety and confusion. At the same time they have to navigate the health care system, make decisions about treatment options and this can be at times overwhelming. It is my role to offer support and guidance at these times.

20,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. These are not just facts and figures, they are real men I see every day,‘They are local blokes, they could be your family, they could be you. It is my role as the PSCN to support men and their families through their treatment by providing resources, care co-ordination, support and a LOCAL CONTACT.

Since starting in the role of the inaugural PSCN on the 1st Sept up until the 31st Dec 2015, l have seen 178 patients and had over 2000 individual contacts. These numbers highlight the amount of men living in our local community with prostate cancer – the need is great & they are very grateful to have a local support

Patient Noel Dealy:

“When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, my mind was in turmoil. I sought the advice of Sonia Strachan, the prostate cancer nurse. She was able to reassure me and arrange for help in easing my stress. The prostate cancer nurse is a valuable resource for people who need help and reassurance in this situation."

Patient Neville Yuille:

In 2010 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, having my prostate surgically removed the same year but unfortunately the cancer had spread to my body.

In 2012 I was told I had metastatic prostate cancer, tumors showing on my pelvis. During this period I underwent various treatments in Melbourne, feeling very isolated, scared and alone with the Oncologists and Urologists being 200k away.

Over the last two years I have been introduced to Sonia Strachan, the community funded Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse appointed by G V Health to help guide prostate cancer sufferers through this dastardly frightening period of their lives.

Sonia has made a huge difference to newly diagnosed and existing survivors, offering expert advice and guidance in the management of the disease and the side affects of treatments given to try and halt this cancer.

We hope that she will continue in this extremely important role for many years to come.

Broadening our impact

At the 2016 event, the Committee announced, through the generosity of the Georgopoulos family and their network of friends and business associates, that a Bowel Cancer Specialist Nurse position will be also be co-funded in a tri-party arrangement that includes GV Health, Bowel Cancer Australia and Shepparton’s Biggest Ever Blokes Lunch. This 3 year pilot, the first of its kind in regional Australia, will result in better access to quality treatment and patient care leading to improved outcomes for patients in the Shepparton region.

Katie Emanuelli commenced in the role on January 1, 2017 and is already making a significant impact.